Release Day + 7

So, today marks the 1 week mark since I released As the Ash fell, and I have to say I am very pleased with how it has been received.

I am not talking about just my friends and family who want to be supportive (though I believe many of their comments to be genuine). I have started to get reviews and feedback from people who don’t have a horse in the race. Just using general marketing and spreading the word on various forums and social media I have gotten some tremendously positive feedback, and most of them asking for a sequel.

I want to post one of the 5 stars reviews I received on Amazon from someone I do not know except through the forums I posted my book in:

This is put together better than the 299 days series (which I enjoyed but were too instructional). Tastefully done and no hints of mall cops or zombies. A good balance of drama and action. I was pulled in by the characters and couldn’t stop reading. The kindle apps make it too easy to read at work.

I only hope the author follows up with a sequel!”

I have not read the 299 Days series he’s referring to; I’ve only heard of it just here and there. However, when I looked it up on Amazon, the books, as a series, had hundreds of reviews at 5 stars, and was selling on the Kindle for $8-$9 a pop. This was a huge compliment for me. I know many folks really like their post apocalyptic books, so for someone to tell me that my book read better than another (successful) series they enjoyed, was an incredible and humbling comment.

There are three things I am receiving consistent feedback about: The story flows well, the characters are deep and believable, and it’s hard to put down. These are the kinds of comments I like to hear. While there may be issues with finer details, getting these broad issues taken care of will keep readers engaged and want to see more from the story after each page turn. It means I have done my job as a story teller, not just an author.

So how were sales for my first week? Well, I won’t discuss numbers in public—that’s partly my rule and I’ve also heard Amazon doesn’t care for those things either. However, I will say that I set a modest goal for my first month’s sales, and I got 75% of the way there in my first week. That’s not including borrows via Kindle Unlimited or paperback sales. Strictly sales on Kindle e-reader. To say I am encouraged is an understatement. My book ranked between 15,000 and 25,000 all week long, which was with almost no marketing (just me telling people about it on Twitter/Forums/Facebook). I am excited to see what happens when I start doing some marketing—and I have some pretty cool plans coming up soon about that.

I want to again thank all my friends and family who have helped spread the word of As the Ash Fell, and made this a successful launch. Thank you!

As the Ash Fell is currently available on Amazon Kindle (Kindle Unlimited as well) for $3.99 and Paperback for $14.99.

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