Human Element

Human Element is available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.


Humanity volunteered for its own demise.

The Neuroweb began as the greatest invention since written language. A simple brain implant that allowed the user to access information, entertainment, and even relieve pain. The Neuroweb was the beginning of a golden age for humanity…

Until it was compromised.

Everyone with the implant lost their most important commodity: their free will. The collective human consciousness was hacked, and now directed by artificial intelligence. Only those without the Neuroweb have a chance of resisting … if they dare.

Aaran has legitimate reason to believe he’s the last free-thinking human alive. After his family was killed in the purge, he fled for his life. Now, he aimlessly wanders through the suburbs of Cincinnati alone, desperate to find a reason to live.

When he meets a girl like him – another free thinker – they search together for a cause worth fighting for. Worth dying for.

“If you enjoy Apocalyptic Science Fiction where everything is worse than you expect, then buy this book!” – WJ Lundy, author of the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot series & Donovan’s War