Darker Days

Darker Days is available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.


Though the skies were starting to clear, the world had never been darker.

Three years after moving to Northfield, Clay, his family, and his closest allies struggle to survive in the increasingly unforgiving world. With torrential downpours encompassing most of the warmer months and brutal winters dominating the rest, the group is forced to take life-threatening risks far too often just to make ends meet.

After a ruthless few months, the group is offered an invitation to attend a week-long festival at the allied trading post, Liberty Township. With food, games, and some much-needed time with his family, Clay savors every minute of their respite from the normal hardships of survival…

Until the town is savagely ambushed.

The attackers give the town an ultimatum: leave or be slaughtered. Unwilling to walk away from his friends in their time of need, Clay and a few others from the Northfield group volunteer to join the militia and fight for Liberty.

The war, compounded by the relentless demands of everyday life in the “new” world, pushes Clay to the brink of destruction. Not only must he fight the assault on Liberty, but he must battle the demons from within.

Get ready for a thrilling ride in this intense, action-packed sequel to the dystopian novel, As the Ash Fell.