Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to finally reveal the cover art for my debut novel As the Ash Fell! I was able to share this with subscribers to my newsletter a few days ago and am very excited for the positive responses I’ve received. This cover was by far the hardest one I’ve attempted yet. Not because of the content (as you can see, it’s a relatively simple/minimalist design) but rather because of the struggle I had with trying to capture the mood and atmosphere of the story in a single image. I think there’s a bit of a psychological roadblock that hits immediately when I create my own cover art. I feel like I was eventually able to get there, but I’ll admit this was not the direction I had originally planned. Thankfully, one of the many things I learned after I started writing that has bled over to my art is this: be flexible!

So without further ado, the cover art for As the Ash Fell.


As The Ash Fell

As The Ash Fell


The beta readers are starting to wrap up with their reading and I am getting overall very positive feedback, as well as some incredible constructive criticism that we are adjusting in this final editing pass. Huge thanks to my beta readers for the effort! Release is coming soon, stay tuned.



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