Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to finally reveal the cover art for my debut novel As the Ash Fell! I was able to share this with subscribers to my newsletter a few days ago and am very excited for the positive responses I’ve received. This cover was by far the hardest one I’ve attempted yet. Not because of the content (as you can see, it’s a relatively simple/minimalist design) but rather because of the struggle I had with trying to capture the mood and atmosphere of the story in a single image. I think there’s a bit of a psychological roadblock that hits immediately when I create my own cover art. I feel like I was eventually able to get there, but I’ll admit this was not the direction I had originally planned. Thankfully, one of the many things I learned after I started writing that has bled over to my art is this: be flexible!

So without further ado, the cover art for As the Ash Fell.


As The Ash Fell

As The Ash Fell


The beta readers are starting to wrap up with their reading and I am getting overall very positive feedback, as well as some incredible constructive criticism that we are adjusting in this final editing pass. Huge thanks to my beta readers for the effort! Release is coming soon, stay tuned.



Beta, Cover Art, and Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations,

I am excited to announce that my book–currently titled As the Ash Fell–is in the hands of my beta readers and well on its way to release in April. I can’t begin to describe how exciting this is for me. While I had a few folks read my first release (a novella back in 2011 that has since been taken down by my choice), I’ve never had so many beta readers before (Thank you!) and certainly never for anything of this magnitude. It is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. When I hit the “send” button on that email, my wife joked with me “There, it’s done, people are seeing your work and you can’t take it back.” There’s a lot of anxiety that comes with that statement, kidding or not. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s putting myself out there and to say I am nervous about it would be an understatement.

Now that the book is in the hands of the Beta Readers, I will be moving on to my cover art. I had this perfect idea for what the cover should look like; I have had it floating around my head for months. But now, as I attempt to block out the scene in Photoshop, I realize how much of a headache this scene will be. While I hope I can get the scene I had in mind to work out, I’m not afraid to abandon it altogether and start with something new. It is quite apparent to me, however, that creating my own cover art work (something I haven’t done since 2011) is much more difficult than when I create one for other authors. At any rate, once this is done I’ll be revealing the cover in my newsletter, and then eventually on here and the social media outlets. Speaking of newsletters…

If you head over to the Newsletter page, you can sign up for my newsletter which is something I send out once or twice a month with information/tidbits about my writing/art that I may not post online anywhere else. For example, in the coming week I will be sending out the first chapter of my book in the newsletter. I will also be giving away a prize to one of the subscribers (prize to be announced soon). So sign up today! It’s easy. Just fill out the little form on the Newsletter page and then just click the link on the confirmation e-mail. Done.

I am really looking forward to this release next month, and can’t wait to hear the feedback from the Beta Readers (good or bad).

Until next time!



New Cover Art Piece

J.T. O’Connell just finished up a new book of his, called The Remaking. He has not revealed too much about the story yet, but I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to read the draft, and I gotta say….It’s excellent!

A good friend, and a writing mentor, J.T. O’Connell is someone I regularly do cover art for, and we both went into this one thinking borderline minimalism. We had no idea just how minimal we would go, but the end result–I think– turned out pretty nice. You can see the full size digital image at his website (or my cover art page), but posted below is a proof that just arrived in the mail. I think the matte color looks pretty sharp.

You can visit J.T. O’Connell’s website at and like his Facebook Author Page.