New Cover Art Piece

J.T. O’Connell just finished up a new book of his, called The Remaking. He has not revealed too much about the story yet, but I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to read the draft, and I gotta say….It’s excellent!

A good friend, and a writing mentor, J.T. O’Connell is someone I regularly do cover art for, and we both went into this one thinking borderline minimalism. We had no idea just how minimal we would go, but the end result–I think– turned out pretty nice. You can see the full size digital image at his website (or my cover art page), but posted below is a proof that just arrived in the mail. I think the matte color looks pretty sharp.

You can visit J.T. O’Connell’s website at and like his Facebook Author Page.




Beta Reader Signup

If you are interested in beta reading for my upcoming release, As the Ash Fell, then please head over to the contact page and make a request. Limited slots left.

Requirements: Read story and provide general feedback in 3-4 weeks. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Book will be in digital format (PDF or .mobi) and should be out in the next 2 weeks.



Welcome to the new website

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved website hosted here at – I hope you enjoy, please check back for details on my upcoming release, As the Ash Fell. You can also sign up for my newsletter here and get some pretty nifty information, as well as the occasional giveaway.

In the mean time, check out this short synopsis about the book.

Life in the frozen wastelands of Texas is anything but easy, but for Clay Whitaker there is always more on the line than mere survival.

Followed by months of heightened seismic activity worldwide, Yellowstone, along with two other Super Volcanoes, exploded with a tremendous fury, releasing unmeasurable quantities of ash into the atmosphere. Coastlines were changed. New canyons were formed. Temperatures plummeted, dragging economies down, too. With no real way to sustain order, governments around the world began to fold, societies collapsed.

It’s been seven years since the ash rained down from the sky. Populations are thinning. Food is scarce. Despair overwhelming. Clay and his sister Megan have taken a handful of orphaned children into their home—a home soaring 16 stories into the sky. Providing for his adopted family is a 24/7 job for Clay. And with roughly six short months a year to gather enough food and supplies to last the long, brutal winter, Clay is forced to spend much of his time away from home—scavenging, hunting, and bartering.

Despite the vicious, unforgiving world he lives in, Clay had grown accustomed to his new life. That is, until he met Kelsey Lambert.

Now, with winter rolling in earlier than ever, Clay must swiftly adapt to the changes in his life to ensure the safety of those he cares about.